Best ‘Stache In the Game.

This week’s “throwback show” post is dedicated to two very special Portugal. The Man shows earlier this year.  PTM is another one of those bands who the more I see the more I want to see again.  I’d follow them around the country if I could.  Maybe someday.

Venues:  House of Blues Boston, Union Transfer in Philly

Set Lists: Philly, Boston

Highlights:  Introducing some new friends to some new tunes


First up, Union Transfer Show back in March with my fellow TX to East Coast Transfer .  It’s always fun introducing friends to my world of music and the lovely Alexandra is always down for an adventure.  I wont lie to you, most of the show is a bit fuzzy at this point but I DO know we had a great time and wore great clothes.  (ha!)

#WhatIWore  Bowie Bomber Jacket: ETSY 


The only tragedy of the night was thinking we had time to get a drink down the street before the show and missing opener ELECTRIC GUEST a second time (first time was during out trip to London).  This was honestly my favorite PTM show to date.  They were on so much fuego.

Only these guys can open and close the show with the same song. I’ve never seen anyone do it and for some reason it just felt right. Ha! 

Until Next Time Bromigos!

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