Xoxo, Joanne

“Don’t Call me Gaga, Call Me Joanne”

This Labor Day Weekend was pure magic. I got to enjoy not one but two doses of Lady Gaga up close and personal.

I always knew I liked Gaga and I knew her show would be a fkn’ blast…  But after seeing her live I have nothing but love and respect for the 5 foot 2 powerhouse.  A love that I now feel in my bones when I listen to her music.  Only Gaga can play two sold out Fenway shows (being the first female to ever headline) then walk over to do a show with a Jazz quartet at the HOB (where tickets sold for $10).

Venues:  Fenway Park, House of Blues (with Brian Newman)

Set List: Here


OOTD: Letha Jacket: ASOS, “Ok Fine” Bodysuit: Forever 21


All in all, what an amazing weekend for this wannabe blogger.  I get the feeling this is a story I will tell my friends grandchildren someday.   “I remember the time I saw Lady Gaga at the House of Blues for ONLY $10, can you imagine that?”  😉

I get now what people mean when they say some artists just “have it.”  When Gaga walks into a sold stadium or a small dive bar there’s just something about her.  It sounds so cheesy but it’s true.  She’s PURE MAGIC.

Until Next Time, Xoxo – Joanne.

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