This One’s for you, Houston

This week’s throwback post is dedicated to….

Some of my favorite shows while I was a Houston Resident.   Houston, I love you.  I miss you, I’m thinking of you and all the people trying to rebuild their lives after last week’s horrific hurricane.

I was reluctant to give you a chance when I moved (Kicking and screaming but full steam ahead at the same time) in 2011.  You healed my heart and took me on an amazing ride of great adventures with extraordinary people.

If you are looking for good organizations to donate to please consider JJ Watt’s fund that has now raised over 28 million.

If you are an animal lover please consider the Houston Humane Society or Houston Pets Alive (who I used to volunteer with).

Now on to the shows… Enjoy!

Venues: House of Blues, Toyota Center, Fitzgerald’s, White Oak Music Hall to name a few…

Artists: The Kills (of course), Maroon 5, Passion Pit, to name a few…


Check ya later, Y’all! xo

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