Audience of One

Thursday “nights that you want her like velvet cake…”

I shall call this post, three for the price of two front row tickets.

The Show(s) & Setlists: Home of the Strange Tour featuring: Young The Giant, Cold War Kids & Joywave


There’s a lot to cover this time around … here are my thoughts on each band (yes, they are in order from who I liked the most).  I should preface it by saying that Cold War Kids are, hands down, in my top 5 favorite bands list … Read on to find out exactly why

Audience of One

I remember the firs time I heard CWK, it was probably circa 2005 – 2006 (college is a blur).  I was riding around in a friends car (you know, one of those friends who listens to band who “don’t even exist yet” 😉 ) and “Hang me up to Dry” came on.  That was it, I was hooked.  I meeeeaaaan, Nathan’s voice, enough said.  I would have to wait a few years to get to see them live but after I did, they were cemented in my list of faves.  Again, one of those bands who, if I ever get the chance to, I would follow around on tour.  If you think their music is good they are even more amazing live.

Blue Hills Show:  I came armed and ready with front row seats and a very high quality sign that read “Audience of One.”  (Very cool, I know, haha) . I had peeked the setlist ahead of time and noticed my favorite tune was missing.


Highlights: Matt Maust handing me the setlist (in “exchange” for my sign),

Mister Mauster snapping a polaroid of me and said sign (still hoping i’ll get to see the image someday)

and a shoutout from Nathan (as a result of not having time to play my song, lol).  I’ve been to many shows, and have met a few artists but these guys… so fkn cool.

oh, and this….



All I will say is, they are coming back to Boston in November and I will abosultely be there.

Young The Giant

Love listening to their music, had heard great things about them live, saw them, checking it off the bucket list…


Overall, it was a perfect evening (and I can sleep easy thinking about the extra money spent upgrading our seats)…  my inner fan girl is still squealing over every moment.

See you at the next Show!

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