Throwback Show: hashtag, Girls Night

Whirling Eye… Love New York 

(Not my best title, I know, but what can you expect from a wannabe blogger? hehe)

The Shows: The Kills 

Set-lists: Houston (White Oak Music Hall), NYC (Terminal 5)

Highlights: I don’t think it gets better than having a “girls night” front row at a Kills show. We rolled in with a crew of 6, (Well seven if you count Alison Mosshart) 😉


So before I decided to move to Boston, I bought tickets for two TX shows in September of last year. I was ready to do a mini tour with the Kills (maybe my dream will come true someday). Being only a couple weeks into my new job in Boston (I moved in August 2016), I decided it’d be best to sell tickets to the Austin show but make a triumphant (slash premature) homecoming trip to Houston.

I somehow managed to convince six of my girlfriends (Some of whom had never heard of the kills) to join me. We also somehow managed to make our way to the front, at that time the very recently opened, White Oak Music Hall. I am pretty sure I converted at least two or three of them to Kills Fans. Which apparently has become my #1 mission in life. (ha). My only regret, no group photo. Isn’t that like rule #1 of girls night? 

The experience landed me a double tap from Alison on the back bend photo above. (Score!)

The Kills, were amazing per usual and White Oak is definitely a solid new venue for Houston! We stopped by at the attached bar (Raven Tower, or something close, my memory is terrible). The tower itself was closed but the bar was on point. There is supposed to be a great view of the city. If you live in Houston definitely try to make it out there for a show! 

New York City

After a traumatizing experience moving cross country in a U-Haul from Tejas to the East Coast (and having to sell my tickets to the Austin show), I decided I would reward myself with a trip to NYC to see the last night of the Kills Tour. Totally deserved, right? I convinced my good friend Alexandria to jump on the Amtrak to join me. The show, excellent, the trip… excellent, exploring Brooklyn, everyone say it with me… excellent.

 Where We went: (Terminal 5, DUMBO, NYC Highline) | Clothes: Let’s be real everything is probably sold out by now 😉

All in all, money well spent. Hangover, worth it. The Kills Shows #4 & #5 in the books. I will continue to take newbies with me to their shows until every last person I know gets it. 😉

Thanks for the memories, VV & Hotel. xo

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