There’s a Starman in the City

Well Hello, Hello & Happy New Year

File this one under: Shows Over Bros #Travel

Also file this under: I dont know about you but I’m feeling 32 (this is in no way an endorsement in T Swift #fortherecord)

The Trip: A weekend in Brooklyn

The Occasion: A birthday

The Highlight: David Bowie Is


Unfortunately no photos were allowed inside of the exhibit but there are some pretty amazing photo ops on the way in.  If you are a #Bowie fan, make the pilgrimage to Brooklyn to check it out.   Well worth the money and the two hours.  In case you need more convincing check out the deets below..

I mean, does it get any better than getting to see items from his personal archive?  Yep, that means outfits, lyrics, and a sweet back room with concert style feel.  I’ll let the photos I snagged do the talking.  Get tickets here


Not a bad way to celebrate a Birthday:

Williamsburg Recommendations:  Stay here, For some amazing Mexican food (& margaritas) Eat Here, Get Bowie Drinks here … (I’d go with The MWFTE)

and make a stop at this Subway Stop on your way into the city… (Up now until May 13th)


(Photo Courtesy of Variety)

Until next time Major Tom .. xo

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