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Happy Maroon 5 Day! 

Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with Maroon 5 much these days.  Although they are still my guilty pleasure (14 years after first falling in love with Songs About Jane), I just don’t have the same fan girl time as I once did.

BUT, in honor of their sixth album, Red Pill Blues, being released today… I decided I would dedicate a “Flashback Friday” post to a few of the 12 shows I’ve been to in the last 14 years. In case you’re wondering… yes, I was even able to convince my mother to attend one with me in matching shirts, per her request.  (The show not the shirts). 

The Album:Red Pill Blues 

Thoughts:  TBH, my first initial thought was, “Did they get Taylor Swift and Drake to write all of the songs?”  .. But I can see some of the tracks getting stuck in my head or on repeat eventually.  It’s definitely a long way from Songs About Jane but I don’ hate it.

Now onto #Flashback Friday:

Venues: Corpus, Maybe (2005), Woodlands Pavilion (2011 & 2013),  Galveston, TX (Carnival Cruise Launch Party-2011), Houston Toyota Center (2013 & 2015)

If you’re at all like me and like Maroon 5 you probably already snagged tickets for their upcoming 2018 tour, but in case you haven’t yet, you can try your luck here.

Bonus: Check out Adam covering Chris Cornell’s “Seasons” on Howard Stern.

“This Love’s For the Gentlemen Only”

Wednesday’s are for lovers… and for mini road trips to Providence to see a show on a school night.

The Show: Phoenix, Ti Amo Tour *inserts hear emoji*

Venue: Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel (or maybe now “The Strand”, confusing) in Providence, RI

Setlist:Click it, Click it real good

Highlights: FINALLY getting to see Phoenix. fun street art.

I’ll be honest, I have the Monday feels and am still recovering from the weekend.  Enjoy the photos, listen to newish album, and go see Phoenix at a city near you.  They do not disappoint.


P.S It may be time to upgrade from an Iphone to a real camera. Thoughts? Hehe.

Au Revoir! xo

Peanut Butter Vibes 🍍

Dopes upon their silky smooth good tunes…

the scene: Saturday night, bae and I head to Agganis Arena to see Glass Animals, we may have been the oldest people there but damnit, we had a good time.

*Inserts Pineapple Emojis*

Setlist: Not yet up, but stay tuned

I had been patiently waiting for a round two Glass Animals show after seeing them two years ago at Austin City Limits Festival.  A 3PM show in the 88 degree TX weather surrounded by girls in Flash Tattoos wasn’t my ideal setting so I was excited for a second chance. (ha, what an asshole I am sometimes).

This time, like I said, Bae and I were probably the two oldest peeps in the crowd (thank god we don’t look a day over 25), but the energy from the 20 somethings in attendance made the evening well worth it. It was nice to see people not just standing but dancing and everyone around us KNEWthe music being played.

OOTD: Def Leppard Mesh Tee: Forever 21 | Wedge Boots: RIP Gypsy Warrior

11/10 from me for the lyric masters.  David Bayley’s frolicking about the stage and running into the crowd for Gooey was a highlight for me.  I don’t know what he’s on, if anything, but I need it in my life just like I need to see another GA show ASAP.   I officially cant get this song out of my head;

Leftover breakfast cereal for lunch
She is broken but she’s fun
My girl eats mayonnaise
From a jar when she’s gettin’ blazed


Thats all for now, excuse theses pineapples all in my head.

Throwback Show: hashtag, Girls Night

Whirling Eye… Love New York 

(Not my best title, I know, but what can you expect from a wannabe blogger? hehe)

The Shows: The Kills 

Set-lists: Houston (White Oak Music Hall), NYC (Terminal 5)

Highlights: I don’t think it gets better than having a “girls night” front row at a Kills show. We rolled in with a crew of 6, (Well seven if you count Alison Mosshart) 😉


So before I decided to move to Boston, I bought tickets for two TX shows in September of last year. I was ready to do a mini tour with the Kills (maybe my dream will come true someday). Being only a couple weeks into my new job in Boston (I moved in August 2016), I decided it’d be best to sell tickets to the Austin show but make a triumphant (slash premature) homecoming trip to Houston.

I somehow managed to convince six of my girlfriends (Some of whom had never heard of the kills) to join me. We also somehow managed to make our way to the front, at that time the very recently opened, White Oak Music Hall. I am pretty sure I converted at least two or three of them to Kills Fans. Which apparently has become my #1 mission in life. (ha). My only regret, no group photo. Isn’t that like rule #1 of girls night? 

The experience landed me a double tap from Alison on the back bend photo above. (Score!)

The Kills, were amazing per usual and White Oak is definitely a solid new venue for Houston! We stopped by at the attached bar (Raven Tower, or something close, my memory is terrible). The tower itself was closed but the bar was on point. There is supposed to be a great view of the city. If you live in Houston definitely try to make it out there for a show! 

New York City

After a traumatizing experience moving cross country in a U-Haul from Tejas to the East Coast (and having to sell my tickets to the Austin show), I decided I would reward myself with a trip to NYC to see the last night of the Kills Tour. Totally deserved, right? I convinced my good friend Alexandria to jump on the Amtrak to join me. The show, excellent, the trip… excellent, exploring Brooklyn, everyone say it with me… excellent.

 Where We went: (Terminal 5, DUMBO, NYC Highline) | Clothes: Let’s be real everything is probably sold out by now 😉

All in all, money well spent. Hangover, worth it. The Kills Shows #4 & #5 in the books. I will continue to take newbies with me to their shows until every last person I know gets it. 😉

Thanks for the memories, VV & Hotel. xo

Audience of One

Thursday “nights that you want her like velvet cake…”

I shall call this post, three for the price of two front row tickets.

The Show(s) & Setlists: Home of the Strange Tour featuring: Young The Giant, Cold War Kids & Joywave


There’s a lot to cover this time around … here are my thoughts on each band (yes, they are in order from who I liked the most).  I should preface it by saying that Cold War Kids are, hands down, in my top 5 favorite bands list … Read on to find out exactly why

Audience of One

I remember the firs time I heard CWK, it was probably circa 2005 – 2006 (college is a blur).  I was riding around in a friends car (you know, one of those friends who listens to band who “don’t even exist yet” 😉 ) and “Hang me up to Dry” came on.  That was it, I was hooked.  I meeeeaaaan, Nathan’s voice, enough said.  I would have to wait a few years to get to see them live but after I did, they were cemented in my list of faves.  Again, one of those bands who, if I ever get the chance to, I would follow around on tour.  If you think their music is good they are even more amazing live.

Blue Hills Show:  I came armed and ready with front row seats and a very high quality sign that read “Audience of One.”  (Very cool, I know, haha) . I had peeked the setlist ahead of time and noticed my favorite tune was missing.


Highlights: Matt Maust handing me the setlist (in “exchange” for my sign),

Mister Mauster snapping a polaroid of me and said sign (still hoping i’ll get to see the image someday)

and a shoutout from Nathan (as a result of not having time to play my song, lol).  I’ve been to many shows, and have met a few artists but these guys… so fkn cool.

oh, and this….

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Hot Tramp, I Love You So

I never say no to a Bowie Cover Band & The Young Americans definitely delivered.

While at the show, I imagined a story told to me while doing a rock n roll walking tour of London about Bowie playing a show to a smaller crowd in full costume before anyone really knew what to make of him.

Except that those of us in attendance Saturday knew, appreciated and miss his “weird.” Such a blast to hang with other Bowie fans who just “get it.” (Bonus Points: Excellent people watching!) 

If you’re in the Boston area and love Bowie keep an eye out for any gigs they are playing. It’s a fun way to spend a Saturday night (or any night, really)

Special Shoutout to the lead singer and guitarist. You guys, 🙌🏽👌🏽


OOTD: “Rebel Rebel” Swimsuit: Asos

Until next time don’t forget to “turn and face the strange” xo