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Happy Maroon 5 Day! 

Honestly, I haven’t been keeping up with Maroon 5 much these days.  Although they are still my guilty pleasure (14 years after first falling in love with Songs About Jane), I just don’t have the same fan girl time as I once did.

BUT, in honor of their sixth album, Red Pill Blues, being released today… I decided I would dedicate a “Flashback Friday” post to a few of the 12 shows I’ve been to in the last 14 years. In case you’re wondering… yes, I was even able to convince my mother to attend one with me in matching shirts, per her request.  (The show not the shirts). 

The Album:Red Pill Blues 

Thoughts:  TBH, my first initial thought was, “Did they get Taylor Swift and Drake to write all of the songs?”  .. But I can see some of the tracks getting stuck in my head or on repeat eventually.  It’s definitely a long way from Songs About Jane but I don’ hate it.

Now onto #Flashback Friday:

Venues: Corpus, Maybe (2005), Woodlands Pavilion (2011 & 2013),  Galveston, TX (Carnival Cruise Launch Party-2011), Houston Toyota Center (2013 & 2015)

If you’re at all like me and like Maroon 5 you probably already snagged tickets for their upcoming 2018 tour, but in case you haven’t yet, you can try your luck here.

Bonus: Check out Adam covering Chris Cornell’s “Seasons” on Howard Stern.

Where the Wild Things Go

Finally, every concert goers dream come true… ladies & gentlemen (drumroll), this is the “my first time at Red Rocks” blog post.

The Show: Alt-J (round two)

The Openers
: SOHN, Tove Lo

Setlist: Click It

Highlight: Um, ✔️ Red Rocks off the bucketlist, duh. 😉 Oh, and just Denver in general.

I really don’t know what to say other than if you have ever dreamed of attending a show at Red Rocks or have no clue what I’m talking about, make it a point to see a show out there at least once in your lifetime.

You could feel a different energy from all the bands who played, all of whom I’ve seen multiple times before.

I honestly don’t even want to cheapen the experience with cheesy lines about energy & vibes. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves (as much as iPhone photos can) 😉.  Cheers!

Special shoutout to the concert gods who cleared the rain just in time for the show. 


Vintage Harley Davidson Sweatshirt: ETSY​​​                 “Bad Hair Day” Baseball Cap: Target



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